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I just got a Nova for my birthday a few days ago. This is my first shotgun, however I have hunted before. My question was concerning cleaning. I've heard that you should take your gun through a "break-in" process. Now I was just wandering if I should clean my gun before I fire it for the first time or just clean it after wards. Thanks for any help.

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Either would be OK, but I always clean a new gun before taking it into the field.

Guns may be shipped with heavier oils or grease to protect their surfaces for indefinite storage durations.

Following the manual, disassemble the nova to its basic components. Using a quality cleaner like Hoppes Elite, clean all interior and exterior surfaces. If you got the black synthetic stock, the Hoppes also works very welll on those surfaces as well, returning them to their original deep black finish.

Wipe all surfaces completely dry.

Apply a light coat of Benelli oil and wipe them dry again.

Apply Benelli oil very sparingly to the internal moving parts and the slide components.

NEVER!! leave oil on any parts to the point that is running or dripping. This only collects dirt, shortens the time between cleanings, and hastens wear.


Congrats on your new shooter!

Npva is a great introduction to Benelli.

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get a bore snake anduse it and run it thru before you shoot it gets any little junk that was in the barrel before you shoot it out. i als recommend the snake as it is a great way to shine the barrel as you go thru and is worth every penny and will alway keep you clean and for in the field and break in time i use it for that and will have it this weekend as i just got mine a few days ago and am pumped about my nova for sure lol. my father says i am anal abotu my weapons and i do worry about performance and a clena bore is a happy bore in my books and for break in shoot one and clean andf then go to three round and clean and maje sure you let the gun cool down after a few shots and depending on setting up for turkey make sure youkeep everything clean. then you hav eno problems with hang ups and other problems you cn end up with

i am loving my nova what a gun

rob k

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