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R1 won't pattern


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I just got a R1 .308 and can't get the gun to pattern at 100 yards. I have a Leupod 3X9X50 VXII mounted firmly on the gun with lock-tight so there is no movement in the scope. When I shoot the gun the first three shots or so start to pattern. Once the barrel gets the first hint of heat the bullets start to sail. I put the gun down to cool for 10-15 minutes, fire one round and put the shot about an inch above the bulls eye, fire again and the bullet hits 12 inches to the left,fire one more shot and hit 6-inches away from the last shot giving at least 20-30 seconds between shots.I tried 150 and 180 grain bullets and still have them sail.Any ideas on how to get the R1 to pattern?

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Firstly, a rifle doesn't pattern, it groups.

Secondly, if you're throwing them 12 inches apart, there is definitely a problem with the scope or the rifle.


I suggest you have it checked by a competent gunsmith or knowledgable friend.


No offense, but I can tell by your post that you are green as grass when it comes to mounting scopes, shooting rifles, and the like.

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Sometimes, if a scope is new it is possible to have wide pattern. The lenses need to be settled in place. Don’t be offended by Tucker’s comment, but he is absolutely right. That isn’t a right way to mount a scope. Try to remove the scope, heat and clean from the “lock tight” and mount it back properly.


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