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Extra Barrels


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Absolutley, wouldn't be much good without it....

As I am new to this, wouldn't the bolt mechanism for a 30-06 still work for a 300 win. mag?


As I understood it, the only thing you can't do is go from long action calibers to short action calibers or say I have a 30-06 I can go 300 win mag, but I can't convert to 300 wsm or any of the short action calibers.... Does this make sense?

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Well, almost.

The case need only fit the chamber, which is obviously part of the barrell.


Different calibers, long and short action alike, use different bolt head sizes.


For example: 300WM and 7mmRM are the same bolt head.

30-06 fits 25-06 and .270.

22-250, 243, and 308 are also interchangeable bolt heads.


But bolt heads are not the only issue when changing barrels on a repeater. The magazine must also accomodate the cartridge cases in order to feed properly.


In short, it goes something like this.


1. The barrell must be chambered for a specific caliber.


2. The bolt head family size must match.


3. The magazine must be able to accomodate the case.


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