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What have U shot with your R-1


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Just the 3 so far, I love my R-1. I have a bad back and I bought my R-1 because I wanted a big boom with a small amount of recoil. I stayed in the scope for all 4 shots on the Moose and for 2 shots on the Ram. I have over 15 other rifles and My R-1 is my Favorite. It will put 4 180 grain Barnes bullets down range in a hurry. Will try to add a Black bear and a Browie to my R-1s resume this coming year.



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Steve, I have to say that what you're doing here is truly remarkable.

I watched Beretta's American Safari the other night on TV and they had the old guy from Simon & Simon walking around a petting zoo, and almost collapsing from it, shooting farm-raised exotics. :rolleyes:


I fast-forwarded through most of it and deleted the time for future shows. It's just not my idea of hunting to see some rich Hollywood types sporting about the countryside on hunts that easily cost more than I make in a year.


You appear to be self-guided and are hunting truly wild indigenous species, and are doing very well at it.


That's my idea of American Safari, and your still photos are more interesting than their 20 minutes of BS any time.


For those of us who are trapped in ordinary lives, please keep 'em coming, my friend!

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Keep them coming Steve, these are some of the best photo of big game hunting I have seen in a long time.


I have a friend who does one trip a year self guided in Alaska, nothing like it the world he tells me. Some day I will take him up on the offer.

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