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choke tubes


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Originally posted by humber:

hello everyone.

I have stoger 2000 and i was considering buying a briley extended light modified choke. Has anyone used these chokes and what success have you had. thanx humber

I have one for my M2 that is the main choke I use for everything from Trap, 5-Stand, Sporting Clays and bird hunting.


I had a trip a couple of weekends ago where I ended up with 3 Canadians and 2 ducks using that choke.


Good choice.


Mike :D

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Thanks guys for the reply, i purchased the choke today. I also picked up some kent fast steel #2's and some winchester high velocity #4's .

Have any of you guys had any luck with these loads over decoy's ? or what loads do you find work best for you?


Thanks Humber

Happy Hunting

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Briley makes excellent chokes, I have a couple of them. Right now I'm using Improved Mod for trap and my goose/duck hunting. I used the Winchester loads you bought but in 3 1/2 BB size work pretty good on ducks and geese. Also using heavy shot but did not pattern them they cost too much for paper testing!!!


[ 11-24-2005, 10:42 AM: Message edited by: Duboids ]

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