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Yup, Im converted

8 Shot M1 Super 90

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Up until today, I thought I hated duck hunting. I mean, cmon, sit around and wait for birds? **** no, not for me!! Im a dedicated upland game hunter here in Kansas, and about the most sitting around I do is behind the scope of my Remington 700 .223 waitng for coyotes. Well, my roommate finally talked me into getting myself legal (a whopping 21 dollars!) and going with him to duck hunt, and I am sold. I had a blast. Now to the point. I shoot an M1 Super 90 with a 28" barrel. I leave my modified choke in there all the time, because it seems to do me the best good. Today I bought a box of Winchester 3" XPERT HV Steel Shot in 3's. 1550 FPS (I like a heavy shell, I shoot Winchester 2 3/4 Supremes in 7 1/2 for my upland, the rock out at a smokin 1400fps) Being new to the Steel Shot thing I thought I would ask a few questions. I have heard that Steel crates a tighter pattern, I like longer shots (30yds max), but I feel like the tightness hindered my shots at closer ranges. Other than shooter skill, I missed a couple of 10-15yd shots that I normally would have bagged with my lead shot. Should I use an Modifed Cylinder the next time I go out? Will this give me any sort of range out to what I like (like I said, bout 30 yds). These puppies were coming in right over our head. I was also thinking of going to a ligher load. The steel seems to go right through (I center punched one at about 20yds, saw the feathers fly, and saw something fall off the bird) but it kept on flying. Would a little lighter load with a modified choke do me better, or my current shells with an IC choke do me better. Thanks guys, and I promise, I will never make fun of another duck hunter again.

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Comparing ducks to most upland game is kind of like comparing a cashmere sweater to a Kevlar vest.


Waterfowl are tough customers, and it typically takes more to bring them down than it does for their short-flighted cousins.


Think about where these birds have come from to get to Kansas, and think about how they spend their nights paddling one foot in near freezing water.


Waterfowl are also deceptively fast and typically require more lead than other gamebirds.


Choose your choke based upon where the majority of the shots are going to be, and make do closer in and further out. It's about all anyone can do.

As your experience increases, so will your kill ratios.

But there will always be those few ducks and geese that seem to be bulletproof. You'll get a piece of them, but they'll still leave there like they could make it to Mexico without stopping.


When hunting ducks over decoys, I like modified, but if the weather turns nasty and they start dropping right in, I'll go to imp.cylinder.


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we are hunting over decoys, and neither my roommate or I are terribly experienced. We have a VERY good spot though. The weather here is mid 40's during the day, and dips down into the high 20's at night. Based on what we saw today, they stay really high, until they come in, at which point one almost needs to duck (no pun intended), so i think im gonna try my IC tomorrow, and take my modified in my pocket just incase.



BTW. Watch where you guys are shooting. Some no shooting dicks across the pond from us kept peppering us wit their shot. Didnt hurt, but jeez it was annoying. Thought about rocking off a couple in their direction, just to give them a taste of their own medicine. But I get pissed easily, so, not a good idea to start screwing around like that. Good way to get someone hurt.


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No - Winchester Expert


You have to have some good shot, and Winchester Expert is nice and cheap, but not so good. Try some Federal Premiums, those work good.


And add more lead, you need a LOT more for passing shooting. When there dropping right in on you though, shoot low when there coming down, and above them if there rising. And if there coming right in, shoot them in the lips.


Good hunting.

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i hunted for years with rem 1100 30" barrell full choke when lead was legal the first year steel shot was madatory could not hit broad side of barn then went and bought 870 28" barrel & 1187 26" barrel tested alot of shells on both 870 28" for me worked the best with i/c choke 4&6 shot & 1187 26" 1&2 shot mod choke for ducks and goose at decoys 30 to 50 yards just recived the nova pump 28"barrel for xmas mod choke 3 1/2 4 shot works great on goose 30 to 50 yards ducks are about 30 to 65 yards depend on shooting skill

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