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Choke Tube For Nova Pump

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I had a pattermaster on my Remington 870. I have mixed opinions about the pattermaster. I don't think it's the best choke for waterfowl unless all you are shooting at high flyers and big birds. I hunt in California where we get a mix of ducks, big and small. Some decoy well, others don't. The patternmaster is great for those mallards or pintails that are up there. It's too tight of a choke for teals, widgeon, and smaller ducks. I used my Briley light modified on my 2000 for a couple of hunts. I can't miss with this choke! I purchased the duck commander, extended and ported choke from Midwest Gun Supply for $30, 50% of the normal price.

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12 Gauge Nova Pump what you thought might be the best choke tube to use for waterfowl?

I have the 12 gauge Nova as well. Pattern tested at 40 yards the Benelli with improved cylinder, 3.5 " #2 Steel Magnums put 63 shot inside of a 30" circle. I was amazed when I went to the modified choke in the Benelli with the same shell (3.5" #2 Mag). The modified put 103 pellets inside of the 30 " circle. You could almost fly a duck through the holes with the Improved cylinder at 40 yds but not at all with the modified. I was so surprised to see such a dramatic difference in one choke step. Since most of my shooting is long range I'll be shooting the modified.

Of course you cannot use full or improved modified with steel shot.

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I shoot a factory modified choke in my Rem870 but a buddy of mine shoots a Benelli SBE and a Benelli Nova and swears by a patternmaster in both of them.... He says he has noticed a bigger difference with the patternmaster than ever before but then again he dont kill no more ducks than we do neither....-tim

PS:also another fella I hunt with shoots a Kick's High-Flyer in his Mossberg835 Ulti-Mag and it throws a good tight pattern for those long-range greenheads!!.. And also from what Ive heard the Kick's chokes are a little less expensive than the Patternmasters....


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anybody ever use the primos "dead zone" chokes? I have heard good things about them. I have also heard mixed things about the patternmaster. I have heard that they are awesome for long shots on late season birds. However, I also heard that you better be DEAD ON if the bird is inside of 30 yards because the pattern is so tight. I know this was stated above, just saying that I have heard the same thing. Hope this helps. Also, do you use the Briley all the time? For doves, skeet.....does it work well Nate?

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For 3" shells,I have been using a comp-n choke i.c. for Ducks and geese within 45yds. using fast #3's, it cleanly kills ducks and medium geese. I also have a patternmaster, but it is too tight for close birds. Just remember, if you use 3-1/2" shells, you need a special longer choke to get even patterns with the long shells (go to Patternmasters web site for info.). All of the birds I get, I use 3" shells. I have not used my 10 ga. B.P.S. in years. The comp-n choke I.C. will do you well. We take a lot of birds with it. Very even patterns for a $50.00 choke.

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