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Council Reccomends BIG Changes on Atlantic Canadas


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Apparently, they want to get serious about taking some resident Canadas out of the states.

Mind you, these are only reccomendations, and the states still have their own say about what the actual regulations will be.



4. Canada Geese

A. Special Seasons


Council Recommendations:

The Atlantic Flyway Council made several recommendations dealing with early Canada goose seasons.


First, the Council recommended that the Service allow the use of special regulations (electronic

calls, unplugged guns, extended hunting hours) later than September 15 during existing September Canada goose hunting seasons in Atlantic Flyway States.


Use of these special regulations would be limited to the geographic areas of States that were open to hunting and under existing September season ending dates as approved by the Service for the

2006 regulation cycle. This regulation would take effect as soon as the final rule on resident Canada goose management is effective.


Second, the Council recommended increasing the

Atlantic Flyway’s September Canada goose hunting season daily bag limit to 15 geese, with a possession limit of 30 geese, beginning with the 2006–07 hunting season.


Lastly, the Council

recommended allowing Maryland to modify the boundary of their Early Resident Canada Goose Western Zone.


Hunting resident Canadas with plug out and with the use of electronic calls and a bag limit of 15 :eek: :D

The Full Report

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Our F&G just collected like 500 of them off of our local green belt (nice park like area down town) and hauled them off to other places. Apparently, they get fed so well that they aren't migrating like they should.


I think they took 50-100 of them and slaughtered them and gave them to needy families.

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