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SPR310 Over Under V's Condor


SPR310 Over Under V's Condor  

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  1. 1. SPR310 Over Under V's Condor

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The ones listed in the article are definitely awesome shotguns, but they are no where near the price range of the Remington or Stoeger that you listed.


I'd be willing to bet that most of us U.S. hunters aren't going to see the volume of shooting that the article refers to, from places like Argentina, etc, and so someone that doesn't have the ability to purchase a high dollar gun could have something like the Remington or Stoeger work for them.


Personally, I wouldn't buy either, but I firmly believe that you get what you pay for. However, I have seen plenty of guys say good things about both of those shotguns. You just have to realize that you aren't getting a Browning Citori or a Beretta 686, nevertheless, your Remington Spartan or your Stoeger Condor would each work just fine as a field gun and allow you to shoot some clays as well.


Just keep two things in mind:

-You get what you pay for.


-You get what you pay for.


I've been shooting my 20ga. Benelli Nova for several years now while I save my pennies for the guns that I want. It functions well, and while it's not a cadillac per se, it gets the job done - much like the Spartan or Condor could.


So to make a short reply long, my advice? If you can stand the wait, save your pennies for a quality gun. If you can't stand the wait, give one of those a try or find a used O/U, though even a used Browning or Beretta will probably run you more than either of those guns.

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Have no experience with O/U, although I have ordered the Condor Comp. but it has not arrived. I do have first hand experience with the Baikal SxS (Spartan) and the Stoeger SxS. I would expect the O/U would have the same comparisons. They are both about the same in that they are a good buy for the money. The Spartans have tougher Russian springs. It is common for a person to have to break new Russian SxS's over their knee at first to open them. They do loosen up with time. The Stoegers open better from the start. In my opinion the blueing on the Stoegers is prettier, but Remington is making the Russians do a better job on their guns since they started Spartan, so it might be up to par now. For the price you can't go wrong with either one. Later on you can trade up for a more expensive brand if you don't like it. I love the looks and collectibility of Browning, but I've never been able to afford one. I've always shot cheap U.S., Brazilian, and Turkish makes and have not been disappointed. Personally I think 3 or 4 hundred bucks is plenty of money for a good shotgun with all the automated manufacturing processes we have now and Asians dumping steel for a song.

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