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Hunting Waders


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I bought a pair of 3mm 600 gram ones from Cabelas and they've worked great. They have kept me "more" than warm every time I've been out.


I'm not sure how they would do if I was just sitting in a blind, but for the walking and puddle jumping I've been doing they have been more than sufficient to keep me warm. Almost too warm. I'm going to try to go again next Saturday and our temps here in are hovering around 20 degrees so I'll see how they do, but I've been out with them when it was nearly that cold and did fine.


Nice price as well. $99.00 was cheap for waders, and they seem to be really nice quality.

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The only thing I've found on them that I didn't like, was that they didn't have the small D-rings on the front to clasp stuff to.


I'm talking about the ones you see here in this picture of Tucker:



Those D-rings are nice as you can clip an shell holder to them or hand warmer or whatever. I got around it by buying a couple of carabiners:


and hooking them around the straps. Not as nice as if they had come with it from the start, but it was a cheap fix.


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Never tried the Field and Stream Waders...I currently am using 5mm LaCrosse Super Tuff II Chest Waders with 1000g Thinsulate lining. I love them...they kept me warm and dry all last weekend in Arkansas. Biggest considerations when buying waders (I think) are: where you are going to hunt, how cold it gets there, and what types of obstacles you may encounter when you are there. Those are my top three. It may help in choosing waist highs instead of chest waders 3mm vs 5mm, amount of thinsulate lining. All these contribute to the cost. I would have to say though your waders are NOT the piece of gear to be stingy on! :)

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Thanks everyone for you input. I gave waders away as a gift idea so if I do get a pair as a gift they will be the field and stream 5mm or a Cabelas model. I'm in North Carolina so the weather can range from 70 in the early goose season down to 20 or below in later December and January. I already decided on a pair of chest high waders with a thickness around 4mm or 5mm and a good amount of insulation. Again, thanks everyone for your help.

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