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Benelli turkey tube?


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For what it's worth...stick with your factory full choke unless you can't get it to pattern. My brother completed his Turkey grand-slam this past year with the factory full choke in his SBE.


Funny thing I just thought of .... they don't advise you to use a full choke w/steel but constricting the diameter with lead beyond full is kosher ... hmmm

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i bought a benelli turkey choke, an hammer a 25# tom last spring , i worked great with #5 copper shot,just about took the birds head off,at about 24yds.. my first turkey also .... i think that the full choke would also work as well , maybe not quite as good so for out though

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Originally posted by tj:

has anybody used benelli's extended turkey tube by Briley???


what do ya think about it?

I use the SBE with the factory turkey choke. I shoot 3 1/2 " hevi shot #4 and get a great pattern with confidence to fifty yards atleast.

I have heard that the the rhino choke with the hevi shot has great success up to 70+ yards but getting the turkey's in real close is all the fun.

If you get the briley choke let us know how it shoots!!


Good hunting!!

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i sent a question to benelli regarding the exit diameter of the their extended tube by briley and am now waiting for a response.


in the mean time i am going to try the factory style choke from cabelas. its extended with an exit diameter of .665. its also cheap so i wont be out much if i dont use it!


ill post my results


[ 01-23-2004, 10:58 PM: Message edited by: tj ]

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