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Chokes for new M2


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Just bought a new benelli M2 with comfort tech chambered for 3". Shoots great for trap and skeet, I want to use it next year for turkeys for my son. It will be his first year hunting turkeys he's 12 years old..


I'm looking for advice on recommended chokes and loads??? Mostly chokes!! Don't mind spending a little money on ammo if it work well for my son...!


I bought Hevi-shot 3" #4's and #6's, my local wal-mart had a good deal on them.. and I have Winchester 3" #5...use them in my mossberg 835... smile.gif

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Those loads will be fine for turkey.


the basic fact about turkey hunting is that you usually want the tightest pattern possible, So obvously you can use the factory full* choke that came with the gun.


If you prefer the more precise and effective shots you can get a benelli or beretta extended extra full choke, they give you the precise increments on these to tell you the diameter of the end of the choke (i.e. .685) the lower the number the tighter the patern. Please note that you should use either #5 or #6 shot for an extra full choke.


Personally I feel comfortable using winchesters classic regular lead loads, but hev-shot is ok.


I would recomend Trulock* brand chokes if you aren't going to get beretta or benelli.

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Thanks, There are so many different choke tubes to choose from?? I have a xtra full that came with my 835 and shoots very well out to 30-35yds... I've seen a few for sale at cabela's....


How much of a constriction should you use with #4's , #5's, and #6's ??? I've been told tighter the constriction the better, but I've read in some of the post here that #4's should not be used in tighter chokes due to deforming pellets and poor patterns.

So how much choke or constriction should one use without over choking the pattern????

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For shooting #4 shot I would not go over .690, or just simply use a factory full mobile choke.


for #5 I use a trulock extended extra full choke.



The patterns are good, and effective at up to 50 yds. I got about 75% density at that range using regualr winchester lead turkey loads in a 24" barrel on a beretta Al392 Urika.


For #6 I don't use this load very often because, well I don't know I like #5 better. But I still have patterned it.


using the same choke as the #5 above I got about the same patterns. So I tried a Rhino choke .665 diameter, and the patterns are beautiful. about 85% of the shot in the circle at 50 yds. and so I increased the range of the target and I have determined that it probably would be effective at 60yds. however I cannot confirm this becase I have never actually shot a turkey with #6.


Every time I try a different shot size each season I don't even see anything. This season I waited till the last minute and I used #6 with the rhino, and of course I didn't get to use either of my tags.

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I tried many chokes and shells in my new SBE II.


The best pattern, by far, was the Rhino .660 1.5" Extended + 3.5" Winchester Extended Range #6's.


I think the M2 would pattern well with the same choke and 3" Win Ext.


mudhen - CA

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