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I've never shot one...


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This will be my fourth season hunting turkeys, and as to this date, I've never harvested one.


My first year my dad and I went to Custer, S.D., and stayed with a buddy of my dads. It was a very exciting hunt, and is definitely what got me hooked. We never got close enough to take a shot, but it was a very memorable trip.


My second year hunting dad and I again returned to Custer, S.D., where we hooked up with that same friend of dads. He had to work so we spent most of our time hunting alone, and again we were not successful in harvesting any birds. It was still a blast. We called a lot of birds, and hiked through some very beautiful country in the Black Hills.


My third year was last year, and I was lucky enough to draw in my area, so I could hunt right around where I live. I spent a lot of time out there, whenever I could, hunting that elusive bird. I had some great times calling them, and even seeing some, but none close enough to shoot.


This year is my fourth year. I've put in for the hunt, but won't know for a while if I've drawn or not. The next closest turkey hunting area that doesn't require a controlled hunt permit is a three hour drive away, and unfortunately that's far enough that I can't get away too easily to go scout it, so I'm really hoping to draw again.


I "really" enjoy hunting them. I don't hunt big game any more, and I guess calling the toms and having them gobble back just brings back memories of bugling elk - except it'll be a lot less work to have a dead turkey to haul out versus a bull elk.


It must be fun, else why would I keep doing it? :D

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Some day I may take you up on that, seriously. And yes, here in my part of the state the Fish and Game introduced them (planted them) about five years ago, up until then we didn't have any, or at least not anywhere nearby.


I think there are 200 tags in my area, and somewhere between 900-1100 guys will put in for the draw. I lucked out last year and am hoping for the same this year.


I love being out there in the woods, calling them, having them answer back, and working them. It's been a blast. I'm hoping this year is the year though! smile.gif


You may live to regret offering! Out of curiosity, what does it cost for a Non-resident to come hunt turkeys where you're at?

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Nonresident License to hunt statewide (16 years or older) $80.00


Nonresident 3-Day Trip License to hunt statewide. Must be 3 consecutive hunting days; no Sunday hunting; 16 years or older $40.00


Nonresident Bear, Deer, Turkey License to hunt bear, deer and turkey statewide, required in addition to hunting license or lifetime license Age 16 years or older $60.00


So, the logical thing to do would be to hunt for three days, then head down to the NC coast for some mixed offshore fishing.

Blue Marlin, Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, etc.

That'll run you about $400/day per person.

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So $100 to be able to hunt turkeys for 3 days (not including room and board), and $400 per day to do the offshore fishing.


Doesn't sound too bad. I'm still in the penny saving mode to do that. I've got enough for my new shotgun (just haven't bought it yet), and am now saving to take dad somewhere to go turkey hunting.

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I caught a citation blue marlin my first time offshore.

Been hooked ever since (pun intended) :D


A good trip can stock the freezer in a hurry, with yellowfins coming anywhere from 30 to 80 lbs.

Sometimes, you get lucky and snag a 200 lb. yellowfin, but by the time he's boated, you'll wonder if it was good luck or bad.

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Trips offshore will also take you for "meat", dolphin or trolling for smaller tuna. Nothing like a fresh grilled tuna steak or fresh fried dolphin that you reeled in. Last trip out we boated a 500 and a 250 marlin and a cooler full of dolphin. The deck hand filleted out the dolphin for about $30 in tips.


Weird offshore note that fits the forum, captain of the last boat said he had taken a guy out to shoot fying fish (no joke) said he was shooting them like skeets...not sure how to feel about that...its just weird.

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