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M 1 Super 90


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If you have a Jellyhead.. I would buy some of Remingtons Hevi Shot... or some Hevi 13... and run through it. It should pattern preatty good. If not then i dont know what else to tell you other than try nitros... But they are expensive... 117 dollars for a box of 25. Its outragous. I dont have a M1. But my Uncle does and his loves Hevi Shot... Im not sure which choke he has in his. But If I were you i would try Hevi Shot through that jellyhead... and forget about the nitros.. unless you have a high paying sallery.

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Well I tried Hevi shot #5 and Hevi 13 #5 in factory choke and jellyhead and factory choke was best at 40yds. Will shoot the factory choke.Got a wild hair the other day and found a super black eagle worth the money so I bought it and tried some 3.5" to see if it was any difference between them will sell the eagle not enough diff.

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Best choke I found for older Benellis (M1 & SBE I) was a Kick's .660 + any fast lead #5's or #6's. Never tested Win XR's, but they should work fine in any .660 choke.


HS will need to be shot from a more open choke. You cannot judge HS from a tight choke, nor lead from an open choke.


mudhen - CA

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