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SBE II Rhino .660 Win XR's...


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This is pretty much a standard pattern from my SBE II with a Rhino .660 and Winchester 3.5" XR's #6's at 36 yards. I put the B spacer back in to get the lift in the pattern.


About 56% in the target. I'd like a few more, but this does allow for some snakey-head movement. 29 hits in the 3" is fine for me. Same for 19 in the bones.


It drops to about 45% at 40 yards.




I think this gun can do better, but it will have to do for now...


mudhen - CA

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All of your testing has hopefully saved me some money. I bought the Rhino .660 and the 3.5" #6 Xtended Winchesters. I like the idea of a tight pattern that isn't so tight it will cause me to miss at close range. I will try to post some pics when I get a chance to pattern. Thanks for all of the good info.

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Just patterned my Rhino 2" .660 in my SBE1 with Win XR 3 1/2" #5s & #6s and 3" #6s. Same results, absolutely bad ***!!!! Within 20 yards he ain't gonna have no heead.


It also patterns Hevi-Shot Dead Coyote Ts and 4 buckshot really well (better than .673) for predators.


Has anyone shot the XR #4s? If so what choke?

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