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what length of barrel is best???

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I prefer a 26" barrel. Not as long when dragging in and out of hunting situations. Good for quail to turkey. If you plan on alot of trap or skeet shooting the 28" might be better for you. Seems to help on follow throughs. As far as patterning goes, the chokes and shells are so much better now, that I don't think you will see much of a difference when hunting.

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26" barrel is easier to handle and has virtually the same velocity and ft lbs. as a 28". As Chessie stated the 28" is easier to swing. Have you shoulder the two different lengths? Find the gun that feels or lines up better. If you have a 28" now there probably will be an adjustment when going to the 26". Enjoy your new gun.

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I just received my new SBEll with 26" brl on Friday. Noticing the state you are from I assume you will use it for chukar hunting. I don't think you would want anything other than the 26. I agree with all the other comments. The gun is absolutely gorgeous by the way.......Good Luck.Upland04

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Hey Chukar.................Its been 4 months since I got my SBEll and 4000 rounds ago. I absolutely love this gun and am looking forward to some chukar hunting in Nevada. What are the prospects this year????????????Upland04

PS Did you buy a SBEll???????????

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