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any one looking for a wiem?


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Yep. Actually it was more like 550$ in cash. He stood up and took it off a shelf about 4’ high and laid down in his crate and ate it.

I was taking a shower and my son comes running down the hall yelling “Doc’s chewing on a hundred dollar bill” needless to say I jumped out of the shower just as he was taking the soggy shredded note from his mouth. Doc was laying in his crate with his paw on my money clip and two one dollar bills next to his head. After a good bit of profanity my wife suggested giving him some peroxide to make him vomit, she was less than enthusiastic about me shooting him and gutting him on the kitchen floor. So I told her that I was going to finish my shower and by that time he had better be paying out like a liquid slot machine or we were going to do it my way.

Well just for the record about 4oz of peroxide will make a 75lb Wiemaraner vomit the entire contains of its stomach in about ten minuets.

I don’t know who was going to puke more the dog or my wife as I scooped up the chum and put it in her good colander. After rinsing out most of the undigested kibble I was able to recover about 440$ in bills that should be able to be reissued and the rest just looks like shredded assorted small bills. The US government will replace mutilated US currency as long as they are able to estimate the value and authenticity of the bills and there face value. the government has a really good website, here’s a link to the treasury site http://www.moneyfactory.com/section.cfm/8/39 and this is a scan of one of the bags of money that he ate I think that I’m going to post the chewed up money photo and the story on our Wiemaraner rescue page http://www.dvwc.org/default.htm , and also send it in to the WCA magazine as a short story. Its one of those cases of fact being funnier than fiction. Also in another ironic twist we were in the process of getting ready to go to our annual club banquet so my wife and I could accept a couple of awards for the dogs!!!!!!!


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I know the feeling ... Gus, one of the young guns I've got layed into a new pair of Irish setter boots ..


almost dug a hole for 'em at first .. but came to my senses. He was bored stiff and I was late coming home.. :rolleyes:


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I really straightened him out yesterday we went on a guided quail hunt and the guide, who is a friend of mine, put his shock collar on him. just putting the collar on him not even zapping him seemed to have an effect then when the guide gave him a bump man it was like turning on the “now I’m a real bird hunter switch” it was cool to see the transition. Doc was trained when I got him but I never reinforced any of his training other than whoa here and there and I was too cheep to buy a collar but that was the wake up call for me (and Doc) I think that I’m going to get off the cash an go and get one. I think when the check comes from the Feds I’ll go out and spend the money on the collar that will teach doc ha ha ha :D

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