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Beginner- Sporting Clays


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There really is no right or wrong answer to that question. It's all about fit, feel, and function. The perfect gun for my wife might be horrible for you.


(I currently am doing a custom assembly of various gun parts to make a shotgun for my wife. This will be her 3rd shotgun; she didn't like the first 2)


On average, women tend to be of smaller stature and have shorter arms than men. Such is the case with my wife. So we looked for a youth model, but most of those are 20ga. very few come in 12ga. To add to the problem she is also a lefty. It's been almost a year since we started on our quest for a left hand semi auto 12 gauge with a youth stock. Never did find one, thus began the custom build project.


Many women think that they should shoot a smaller gauge such as a 20 gauge, for more manageable recoil. But a better answer might be a semi auto which will absorb much of the felt recoil, or lighter loads such as Winchester feather lights. Remember a 20 gauge = less pellets = less broken targets. I can also tell you from experience, that I feel less recoil from my gas operated 12 gauge using a hot 8 shot loads than I can feel from a 20 gauge pump with standard 8 shot loads.


Bottom line; beg, barrow, or rent, as many different guns as you can first. Don't buy till you know what you need and want in a gun, in order to break targets and be comfortable while doing it. Nobody can tell you what would be a good gun for you, only you can determine that through experience.


TIP: When trying out different guns, take a small tape measure with you. Use it to measure the pull length of the gun. (The distance from the butt of the stock to the trigger) This tends to be a major determining factor for many women, especially those with shorter arms.


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The gun Tank is talking about is a Beretta UGB25 xcel & does exist, but is like $3200.



Might want to hold on that one until you know you are going to shoot often and well!


I agree with Jon - see if you can try a few guns out at a local range(often have rentals).


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Lil Yorkie: I just noticed you’re in Maryland. Take a trip out to PG County Skeet & Trap Center. They have lots of rental guns, mostly Beretta’s, they rent for only a few dollars. You will often get grouped together with other shooters, to make a party of about 5 or 6 shooters. Talk to other shooters in the group, Don't be affraid to ask if may take a couple of shots with their gun. I've shot many strangers guns and let many strangers shoot mine over the years. Most serious shooters are very proud of their guns and will usually jump at a chance to show it off, most of the time they will offer to let you take a few shots with it. If you tell them you new at this sport, you'll find more coaches than you need.


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Try out the Benelli SuperSport or Sport II. It really doesn't matter what kind of gun you buy as long as it fits and your comfortable with it. The rest is just practice, practice, practice. Also ask the older people for their opinions. I'm only 15 and have stuggled to find a gun that i think looks cool and fits me. Just as around and try out different guns untill u find that one that fits just perfect. You may also want to try out the M-1. For being a field gun it works alrite for a Sporting Clay/Skeet gun. Just ask around and dont be afraid to ask questions. More then likely you'll find more help then u intended to. Talk to yah l8r peace

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