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  1. the Nova is a great shotgun if u can get over itz looks......it depends on wat ur going to use it for but itz a pretty good gun overrall bRAd
  2. no i shot a MOD. i been shooting with it my whole life so i know where it patterns so i decided to stick with it even though there mite be some ''holes'' in the pattern b.
  3. ya me and my friends all went out to the trap range one day and shot trap from about 60 yards and i think i shot lyke 17/25 or something. How long have you been shooting your gun?? It takes around 2 years of shooting the same gun for you to become really good. I've been shooting mine for 1 1/2. Just keep your head up and keep shooting. B.
  4. i purchases a Nova and loved it!! I thought it looked different from everyone elses and it set me apart from everyone elses. I'm into shooting trap not hunting, so i really dont know how it works for hunting. But it works OK for a trap gun, its a good gun to get started with but when you decide to get serious about shooting trap you have to buy a trap gun. I bought a Sport II and my average has increased from 17 or 18 with the Nova to around 22-24 w/ the Sport II
  5. a Trap gun is sooooooo much different then a field gun. I shot Trap with a Sport II but before that i used a Nova Pump, and M-1. There's no comparison. A Trap gun is made for trap and nothing else. a field gun was meant to be a field gun but can be used as a trap gun. But spending a little extra for a Trap gun is so worth it, the way it swings and fits and shoots is just crazy, like a said there's no comparison between a Trap gun and a field gun.
  6. SNAPS!!! those look nice
  7. Hello my name is Brad and i'm only 15 years old. I have been shooting Trap ever since i've been able to lift that 20 gauge up. But i have tooken up Re-Loading simply b/c its cheaper in the long run. I am asking for some suggestions on what shells to re-load. I have been re-loading Winchester AA's but have been having problems with them ''kinking'' and coming out all screwd up. So recently i have been reloading Remington STS's and Club loads and they have been working fine. But what is your opinion on that? Also, i started loading wads w/ 4 fingers (or leaves whatever you call them) when
  8. what i found works the best is to run a steel brush through the barrel a couple times. But it's important to keep a rag in the chamber to keep all the crap you push out w/ the brush out of chamber. Next run a dry patch through it then a patch w/ some cleaning solvent. Then just run a Bore-Snake through it several times and it should be good as new.
  9. After spending time around the Trap ranges and over hearing some people talk about home defense, any weapon will work for home defense. But more then likely a pistol or glock will be the common choice b/c its small and easier to shoot then a big 30inch barrel of a shotgun. But any gun will do in a dangerous situation.
  10. Try out the Benelli SuperSport or Sport II. It really doesn't matter what kind of gun you buy as long as it fits and your comfortable with it. The rest is just practice, practice, practice. Also ask the older people for their opinions. I'm only 15 and have stuggled to find a gun that i think looks cool and fits me. Just as around and try out different guns untill u find that one that fits just perfect. You may also want to try out the M-1. For being a field gun it works alrite for a Sporting Clay/Skeet gun. Just ask around and dont be afraid to ask questions. More then likely you'll f
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