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am i the only one?

300lb shark

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I did it about 25 years ago.

Had a 870 with a 34" full choke barrel.

I roughed up the last two inches of the inside of the barrel to make the wadding stick a bit on exit.

It did a pretty good job on X cards.


What kinds of prizes are you getting these days?


We used to get a frozen turkey or a ham.

Sometimes, we'd get cash, but not much.

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prizes depend on location. still mostly turkeys and hams, but just about anything goes from bacon and ribs to seafood and gift certificates. Some places have gun rounds and cash rounds. $50 rounds $5 a shot, guns or $100 rounds $10 a shot.


have a mossberg 500 28" ported with a .640 choke that has done really well. waiting on a .643 choke for my nova,the stock full just doesnt cut it.

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Hey shark I shoot at a skeet , trap and 5 stand cluband we have turkey shoots in the fall.We do it different than paper plates or cards.We have 10 shot rounds of each game and high score wins the turkey. If a shoot off is necessary on ties we throw doubles till we have a winner. We also have green birds in the machines periodicly and if you brake the bird its good for 2 lobster. Its really a fun way to play.

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I've done a few turkey shoots, but I wasn't really setup for it. I was using my clay gun, since I don't own a turkey gun. I found out real quick that some of those people take it way to serious. I wouldn't do it again without buying a scope and patterning my gun. Maybe I'll setup my old Winchester 1300 for turky shoots, since I don't use it for anything else these days.

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Yeah, some people get carried away. The one I go to the most is at a local ruritans club, very friendly group of people. Have a 32 in brrl limit and have only seen 1 guy there with a scope so far. Its a good way to spend a cold saturday, around a fire, shooting, and bringing home a turkey you dont have to pluck.


Ron White said " I dont have anything against hunting, its just that its early in the morning, its cold out, and I dont wanna go."

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