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Dove hunting question


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I've never been dove hunting before and I'm going to try it out this year. One of my friends swears by a method that seems a little questionable and I was wonder if anyone had ever heard of it before.


He claims that if you take a big orange tarp and lay it out in the field a month or two before season, continue to spread seed on it until the legal deadline for baiting (ten days). Then you take the seed off but leave the tarp out. He swears the doves will still swoop down to check for food and that they limit out consistently.


If the seed has been removed ten days out it is not baiting, so this is apparently legal. Like I said, I've never been dove hunting and don't know much about it.

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Wow, I thought I was good at skirting the legal line, but never heard of this one. It seems it would work, not sure on the legality of it. But the best thing is to plant sunflowers and then shred them 2 weeks before opening day. You will have doves everywhere.

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smile.gif Well thats seems to be alot of work for shooting at doves. If you scout an area out prior to the season this will help. If you have your own land and can lay and seed then there you go!!!


If you can find an area with farm land and the type of things doves will eat then there you have it. You wont need to have a set up like your friend has. There only doves, now if theres something for quail then ill try that.

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