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My new Nova is jamming


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I have to admit first of all that this is my first shotgun - parden me if my terminology is not correct.


First things first, I did field strip and clean the shotgun and both barrels prior to using.


I've been out test firing my Nove 12 ga. I have the 26" VR field barrel and the 24" rifled barrel. I shot 10 s****s of 2 3/4 Remington Slugger without a problem. I loaded a 2 3/4 Winchester Super X Slug, fired, went to cycle and the gun was locked up. This was withthe field barrel. It was getting dark at the range so I brought it home and set to work. Finally, I was able to hold the button on the bottom of the pump and pull with both hands and get the s**** casing to release. I then proceeded to field strip and clean the gun. I figured it was an ammo issue.


I went back to the range today with the rifled barrel attached. I shot about 8 2 3/4 Remington Slugs and it locked again. This time I was experienced and extracted the s**** the same as yesterday. I cycled the action a few time and it didn't stick so I put in some Remington 3" slugs and shot about 4 rounds and it stuck again. I cleared and cycled again. Then I shot some Sabots and made it through 2 3" Remingtons (no prob), 2 2 3/4" Lightspeed (no problem), 1 3" federal then it stuck again. I cleared and changed to the field barrel. I shot about 5 2 3/3" K.O. without problem.


It seems to that after about 7-9 round I has this problem. It doesn't seem to be particular to ammo any longer. Am i not lubricating something enough? Is this something that needs to brought to the attention of Benelli customer service?


And yes my should hurts like heck after about 25 round today in about an hour and a half!

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Given your lack of experience, my first thought would be that you're doing something wrong. That may not be the case, but it's where I would begin with diagnosing the problem.


The way to determine this is to firstly make sure the gun is re-assembled correctly, and then to have a more experienced individual take it for a spin.


You could also check with the dealer who sold you the gun, if it's a gunshop with experienced and knowledgeable staff.

If it's a Dick's Sporting Goods or similar, then that would be pointless.


Another option would be to call Benelli CS Monday AM and see what they say.

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It must be a malfuncion with the gun. My nova has never jammed and never failed to fire any round I put in there. I use 3" and 3 1/2" winchesters and federals. I am sorry I am not much help as I don't know guns very well. I had the same thing happen to a charles daly 20 gauge after I field stripped it and it never worked right again. every 3-4 s**** jammed in the chamber and would not eject and sometimes 2 s****s would come out of the magazine tube and jam up the gun. Is it possible that you lost a part or does the gun have any rust anywere. I think that is the reason my charles daly doesn't work right anymore. Is your gun rusted in the action anywere?

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I once had a '71 Olds Cutlass that wouldn't start when it rained hard, and I had a '69 chevy pickup with a column three speed that would only go in second if you pulled back on the lever until it cleared the halfway point going up. Other wise, it would get stuck in neutral and you'd have to crawl under it to fix the linkage.


Let's see... what else?


Oh yeah.

I had a Brittany that had a ****uva nose for the neighbors cattle, but couldn't smell a bird if it was sitting on her head.

I shot her.


What does all of this have to do with the Nova problems?

Beats me?!... Just following the trends and trying to get along better with my fellow forum members.


Who knows, maybe one day we'll all make that one way trip to the nervous hospital.


:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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I'll be the first to admit that I may have done something wrong, but I did follow the direction for disassembly and reassembly and it did work for about 9 s****s prior to the first jam. I would think that if was something that I did it would not have worked at all. No rust at all that I can notice.


The initial cleaning I used Rem oil on the trigger assembly and blew dry with compressed air. Then used Hoppe's lubricant lightly and wiped clean. Same with the firing pin and extractor. Used bore scrubber on the barrel and a bore snake to clean. Ran it through three times. Sprayed with Rem oil and ran 3 patches through then ran 1 lightly oil patch through.


Second cleaning - I repeated the process except I used Breakfree CLP as the cleaner for the trigger assembly and the extractor. On the barrel I used bore scrubber and a mop then a bronze brush then the bore snake. Then several patches until it was clean then a patch of Hoppes lube.


I did do a search and seems other have had the same problem but none of the posts had a resolution. I guess I'll call today.

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I have a Nova pump as well, never fired slugs through the bird barrel but I have shot 3" Lightfileds through the rifled slug barrel. I only shot 1, and the recoil unlocked the bolt, let the bolt slide back 1/16th of an inch, and exposed the brass under pressure. The brass to the side of the ejection port ballooned out. Thank god the brass didn't blow out. Afterwards I couldn't extract the s****. I had to hold the release button and slam the butt of the gun on the gun bench to get the s**** out. Ill never shoot one of those lightfields again.


And now I make sure I slam the bolt shut when shooting slugs. Once was too close.

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JR has a good point on making sure the action is completely closed.

I could also see an inexperienced operator trying to cycle the action too quickly and doing something similar.



Stop using Rem oil on any firearm. The stuff is crap.

Breakfree, Hoppes Elite, or other premium milspec products are the only way to go on a Benelli.

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Thanks for the support - especially for new user. Especially you hogwild. So supportive.


By the way Benelli rep said that there is nothing that I could be doing and that I need to send it in. There is no way that it should be sticking like that.


Tucker - thanks for the advice on the Rem Oil. I actually had read that somewhere in between cleaning which is why I switched to Breakfree.

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Thanks Tucker. They were excellent to deal with on the phoen today. Said they should have it back to me in 3 weeks.


Contrary to what some folks seems to have assumed by my post, I am not knocking my Nova. I really like it. I don't regret getting it at all. Once I got it sighted it with my red dot, I was drilling bulls from 50 yards. I love the way it feels and can't wait to get it back.

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The main reason I have cleaned it twice was because the rifled barrel was covered with fouling right out of the box. So I cleaned it up and just continued cleaning the rest. I've always heard to clean a new gun before taking it out. As for the second cleaning, well that was after the first time I experience a "stuck" s****. I figured I may not have gotten it lubricated enough.


As for my cleaning procedures - it is what I've been taught by my father in law. I'm open to suggestions if you are willing to share. I am trying to learn which is why I posted a thread on the forum. There is a lot of good advice to be had in here and honestly I was hoping that someone had experience something similar and could point to a fix rather than sending it in. That is all.

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only time will tell but benelli will take care of ya even if ya did miss handel a new shotgun unless they feel you are at fault with the malfunction just hope you did not go into detail on your cleaning procedures! Maybe their is something jammed down in a place where it should not be or something bent that they can bend back? why would ya clean a gun twice that was brand new? should not need cleaning for a while if i had bought it unless it was acting up right outta the box? carefull with tucker he will be sending you his paypal account # pretty soon or maybe you could send him some pictures so he could chronicle the pump repair!! All the nova post i have read had nothing but good things to say about the nova & super nova on this website? must have been a different website??


It's truly amazing how many words can be used to say absolutely nothing.


There is nothing wrong with cleaning a new gun, and most manufacturers recommend it. I certainly recommend it as well, and I never fire a new gun, or a newly purchased used one without first giving it a thorough cleaning and inspection.


Furthermore, using compressed air (compressor and blow nozzle) to remove dirt and debris is a common practice.

I turn the regulator down to about 50 psi just so it doesn't pop out any loose or fragile parts.


SKK is the epitome of a good customer, with a patience and understanding that is rarely displayed these days.

The gun is on its way to Benelli, and I'm sure they will take care of it for him.




Apparently the new forums do not have an ignore feature, but fortunately I do.

Your rabble and banter was mildly amusing for a while, but I'm tired of it now.

Post all you want, between the treatments and medications.

This is the last repsonse your Trolling will get from me.

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