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Benelli M4 Pistol Grip Stock Recoil Pad Screws


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Howdy Folks. First post and first Benelli. I shot this piece yesterday, COMPLETELY AWESOME.


I also purchased the retractable stock.


I left my M4 at work and will change the stock after Xmas.


The manual was left at work also.


So I can show up to work with the right tools, what tools do I need to remove the recoil pad and the stock so I can put on the retractable stock?


thanks in advance

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Dont remove any screws!


to remove the stock, you break down the gun and reomove the barrel, bolt and trigger group. with these out, then you can "unscrew the stock from the gun, by twisting the entire stock counter clockwise. then reverse the process for the instalation of the new stock. no tools reqired. (unles you count using the bolt handle to push the pin free on the trigger assembly.)

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Absolutely nothing.


Changing stocks (like field stripping the m4) requires no tools at all. I'd suggest having some cloth handy, or really anything to put between the pin holding the trigger group in place and whatever it is you are using to push it out (the manual suggests the bolt handle, which is what I normally use, since it is handy). Otherwise, one slip-up and you've chipped/scratched the finish on your receiver.


Procedure is as follows:

1) Unscrew and remove ratcheting cap at end of mag tube.

2) Remove barrel assembly from the receiver.

3) Remove bolt handle from bolt assembly.

4) Remove bolt assembly from receiver.

5) Push/pull trigger group retaining pin out to allow you to remove the trigger group. It doesn't come all the way out normally, so don't bother with trying to pull it entirely free.

6) Remove trigger group, it will come out most easily if you depress the bolt release to ease the tension. Same goes for reinstalling it.

7) Unscrew the stock, which simply screws onto the recoil tube. I do mean the entire stock. No tools are required, just grab the stock and twist. DO NOT remove the recoil pad.

8) Screw on the pistol grip section of the new stock, since it is in two parts.

9) Depress the button on the shoulder section of your new stock, tilt it a bit counterclockwise and slide it onto the recoil tube. It will line up with one of the lower marks, and you'll be able to rotate it to the same angle on the clockwise side (between 1 and 2 o'clock, I believe). Adjusting it is a matter of depressing the button, rotating it clockwise to the same position, and sliding it to one of the locking points.


Repeat steps 6 through 1 in reverse order to reassemble the shotgun, then move on to step 10.


10) Purchase 12ga ammunition of your choice.

11) Go to range, or your normal shooting area.

12) Shoot stuff.


Break-in for the m4 is pretty simple. I'd suggest a good cleaning and inspection, followed by a case or so of heavier loads (or 3" magnums, which you will probably need less of) to break the action in to the point where you can shoot lighter stuff without any problems.

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thanks for the info.


great, no tools.


my buddy and I bought one each, we got consecutive serialed number guns.


I had zero problems and he had several rounds that did not eject. He was thinking soft shooting, but I said break in.


cant wait to try the other stock.



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The Benelli M4 stocks literally just screw on/off the receiver if the trigger group is not in the shotgun. The collapsible portion of the stock stock is removed from the receiver extension first, then the pistol grip portion just unscrews. The entire factory fixed stock just unscrews. Righty-tighty, Leftie-loosie.


The Urbino fixed stock uses a screw under the buttpad to secure it to the receiver extension. Urbino buttpad just pops off.


-- Chuck

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