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  1. Got mine the week before i moved house. I emailed them through the status check page asking for an update as it had been pending for months but i never got a reply. Anyway at least the $200 check helped pay for my c-stock.
  2. I was considering that idea also drmarc, im waiting for the FF fore end to come out and then thinking of taping some holes on one side for a small rail.
  3. I asked surefire this a few months back. Their rep claimed they cannot make one that would not interfere with the piston system. His words were to the effect 'due to the complexity of the piston system we wont be making one as it wouldnt work right'. Didn't smell like roses to me but there you go. Im not an M4 guru but surely a light could be moulded over the top of an OEM style forend and not in any way compromise the pistons? Id buy one if it were available!
  4. I think it would have been wise to make the Urbino with a M4 (rifle) pistol grip, that way you could pick the grip you want, everyone happy.
  5. May be im missing something but to remove the pistol grip stock and put on a c stock i just removed the trigger housing unscrewed the standard stock, screwd on the new pistol grip and slipped on the butt. Reinstalled the trigger group and bingo. Heres the vid I used I not affiliated with this company.
  6. Do you need to remove it completly in order to rotate the sling mount, I want it 90 degrees to the right?
  7. Cant wait to see pics of a prototype fitted to an M4.
  8. Washington state, no loaded firearm in vehicle, unless is you concealed pistiol, even then it must be on your person. You cant have a loaded gun in the car in WA because too many lemings would get shot for driving like idiots in the rain and snow. Stupid people never learn, thats why their stupid.
  9. Kips got talent. This FIST thing, wow, just wow. http://photos.carriercomp.com/GalleryFilmstrip.aspx?gallery=499821
  10. You can keep it. M4 all the way.
  11. Same situation as OP, didnt even bother trying to sell it. Put it next to the bed and will use it as a club.
  12. I used this, its not fancy but it got me there.
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