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Which sling will fit my M2 comfortech?


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I've got an M2 tactical with a comfortech stock. It's got the 18.5" barrel rifle sights, not the ghost ring sights, so there's no rear sight on the reciever. The stock has a small loop on the bottom (I'm not talking about the side of the stock where the M3 has a sling mounting point). There is also a metal piece between the forend and the magazine extension which has a slot in it. These both look like sling mounting points. I've been looking at: http://www.spectergear.com/ and http://www.outdoorconnection.com/products/slings/slings.htm


- What slings fit these points? Would these all be two point slings? I've seen "shotgun slings" that have straps arround the stock to provide a rear mounting point. Do I even need that because I've got this little loop on the bottom of the stock?


Thanks for the help.

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I am having trouble tying to understand what you are looking for...

This is what I use with my SBE II after trying many different brands.


They are very quiet, do not scratch and are strong. They are also very quick to put on and take off.

Good luck,


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I'm trying to figure out if the plastic loop on the bottom of the comfortech stock and the wide metal slot at the forend cap are the attachment points for a sling, what slings work with these attachment points, and what other hardware I might need.


I've looked at 3-point slings, but I think just a simple "hunting" sling would be fine. Looking for suggestions on brands and models.

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