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Question for SuperNova owners...


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After loading your SuperNova, does the carrier stay depressed or spring back out? Mine stays depressed which causes the next racked load to be shucked out the bottom of the gun instead of riding on the carrier up to the chamber. It's like the carrier does not fall down quick enough to catch the next shell out of the magazine. When depressing the carrier it will "click" at a certain point after which the carrier stays depressed and you have to manually pull it out to get it to feed properly. If everybody elses springs back out after loading I'm sending mine in to get fixed.

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my Nova does the same thing but it doesn't seem to hinder the cycling of shells, I've thought the same thing though. A trick for you to try to get the carrier down without trying to grab it and pull it down with your finger. What you do is load your gun( one in chamber) and fill your mag. then hit the mag rel button and just pull the forearm down about an inch not enough to eject the shell and not enough drop in a shell from the mag, then push the bolt closed and look your carrier will be down and ready to cycle if it being up bothers you but like i said mine does it and doesn't slow the feeding any.

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