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M2 sight beads


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Why is it that the SBE II has a midrib bead and the M2 does not? I've heard that on a SBE you stack the beads to make a figure 8. Why would Benelli not do the same for the M2?


I'll also have to ask why??


While we are at it why don't they offer a ported barrel like the Super sports and Cordoba?


If your heart is set on having a mid-bead then order the SBEII one and have your favorite gun smith install one.

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Sorry I even asked, I should have known I'd get a smarta%$ comment for a legitimate question. All you would have had to say was that Benelli didn't put one on to save costs. The comments and attitude can go. Besides that, if I really wanted a mid bead, I'd of bought an SBEII. I just thought that maybe Benelli had a specific reason. Sorry for bothering you guys. I'll make sure not to do it again:mad:

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Okay, I understand and appreciate that tucker. However, I took the replies to mean that I was complaining about my gun not having certain amenities and that is not the case. ****, I don't even WANT a mid bead. I simply am new to Benelli and I had a question. How was I to know that they did things differently between the SBEII and the M2 to save $ or market a different product? Now that I have been slammed and jumped on and labeled as a complainer, I now know that the two guns are made different like a Trans Am and a Firebird. One's made a little better and a little higher end. I thought that that is what the forum was for, so that questions can be answered. Or maybe that is not true and I need to call C/S for answers to my questions. I like this forum and I have learned alot here, but I think that people shouldn't jump to conclusions so quick.

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