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Barrel Length

Jake Jones

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I'm looking a purchasing a SBEII. I'll use it mainly for deer and turkey hunting. The deer hunting will be done with buckshot and turkey with no. 4's or 6's. My question is what is a better barrel length, 24", 26" or 28". Does the longer barrel give you more volicity or is everything determined by the choke?

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Barrel length has little to no effect ballistically on your given barrel lengths. Its all about your sighting plane and swing.

I would go with the 24" if that is all of your intended uses.

Velocity is determined by the type of shell used.

The choke has nothing to do with velocity. Only the pattern it throws.

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There is no right answer here. Its a matter of personal preference.

However most guns used for turkey and deer are 24".

If you may use it for birds a 26" or 28" would work also.

If your hunting dense cover shorter barrels are more the norm.

Its really up to your own style and uses and what you feel comfortable with.

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The receiver on a benelli is about two inches longer than a gas or long recoil gun. So choose two inches less barrel lenght than you are used too. exsample 24 inch benelli is about the same sight plain as a 26 barrel Browning or Remington. As for barrel lenght and speed. I have shot 21,24,and 28 inch barrels thru a chrongraph a few years ago(same gun different barrels) and about 50 feet per second is the only difference in the three. Gun was an M1 field. Best of luck.

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