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Sbe Ii Recoil Pads


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Your original post said SBE non comfortech. Yes, SBE means 1 and SBE II means 2. Do you have a 1 or a 2? If its a 2 you already have the factory gel pad.

If you would have said pop in I would have given this link only. Not all non comfortech stocks are pop in pads depending on the stock type you have. Some synthetic stocks do indeed screw in. I am sure you can return/exchange it for the correct one. Sorry, next time we will try to know what you mean.




You need a Limbsaver pad #100-002-652 for a SBE II/Nova. I think.

I don't believe Kickeez makes a pop in pad.

Exactly which gun and stock type do you have?

You can always call in your order and talk to a human for help getting the correct pad.

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I have a Hiviz XCOIL pad on my SBE 1. I have also tried a Limbsaver pad on the same gun. In my opinion the XCOIL is superior to the Limbsaver.


Bottom line-----------get an XCOIL !


I bought mine at Sportsman's Whse. I think they also have them at Cabela's.

Also availble at their web site-------- http://www.hivizsights.com


P.S.----the XCOIL is a "prefit" on the SBE 1, I don't know if they make one for the SBE II.

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I Have Sbe2 Non Comfort Tech Pop In Pad.i Think When I Type In 2 Using The Letter Ii It Changes When Submitted To Look Like Cap I And Lower Case I . Anyway I Have A Limbsaver On Another Gun And Do Not Care For It, And You Are Correct Kickeez Does Not Show It For Sbe2 Pop In. I Think I Will Go Look At Xcoil,it I Don't Like It I Guess I Will Order Benelli Gel Pad And Mercury Cylinder

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