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Sbe Ii Started What Year


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thanks, i think its sbe2 because it is engraved on the receiver, as far as the stock don't matter to me I'll take the solid stock for what i paid for it. I think they just marked it down because of the comfort techs sitting beside it. All in all great gun at great price. sure appreciate you senior members for all you expertise

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Just Curious What Year Sbe Ii Came Out? Because I Just Bought Mine And It Doesn't Have The Comfort Tech Stock, I Was Wondering If It Was A Left Over Or It They Still Make It With Solid Stock. Anyway I Feel Like I Got A Good Buy At About 4 To 500 Off The New One.


Is it walnut or synthetic? The walnut SBE IIs do not have the comfort tech system, it is only available on the synthetic and camo models...if you have a synthetic or camo, I would have to say the stocks were changed out...

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looks like it has all even the grip. But you know on the box it has ( BENELLI SBE II HD TIMBER) and under that it on the BenelliUSA sticker it has SBE 1 value 24" I.C. HD-TIMBER. Looks like if the stock were changed the air touch grips woold not be there. Its a mystery, It doesn't matter just would like to know what I was talking about when the subject came up.Maybe if i can figure out how to attach a pic. I will send it

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No SBEII's were made with solid synthetic stocks.


Either you have an SBE or someone has switched the stocks.


This is incorrect.


Someone might have switched the stocks, but I highly doubt it.


The non-Comfortech synthetic SBE II was a catalog item for a period of time. Our rep said it was discontinued sometime in 2006. I'll try to find the catalog number. It was supposed to be available in black & Max 4.


I also think a non-Comfortech synthetic M2 was available, but I could be incorrect. I'm almost sure I saw one in Max 4 last summer.


My local shop had a non-Comfortech synthetic SBE II in Max 4 in stock for quite some time before someone finally bought it. It was about $250 less than the Comfortech SBE II.


The butt pad was the hard rubber version, not the nice Gel Pad.


It looks like there might be a non-Comfortech SBE II in Max 4 for sale on www.gunsamerica.com right now, but the ad is poorly worded:



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I do remember that there were two versions of SBE's offered for about six months last year, but I was thinking they were SBE and SBEII.


You could very well be right, mudhen.

It would make sense. Benelli would have had older furniture that needed to be depleted, but they wouldn't want to keep having the old style receivers made.



Using this guide, you should be able to when your gun was made.

Late 2005 - Early 2006 would be a good candidate for one of these transition guns.



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