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By a miracle, I got through to benelli CS after 15 minutes.


The CS agent said the model 11707 would continue to be sold to civilians with fixed pistol grip stock and 2 port barrel.


I asked her if I could talk to the CS supervisor/manager to verify this and because I wanted higher up since that was a 1 in a trillion chance I got through.


The CS Supervisor definately knew what she was talking about. She confirmed the 11707 going to be produced for civilian market for a very long time!!!! :)



I took the oppertunity to clarify some other questions that I have definately been confused about before.



She says that aside from the fixed skelestocks for the limited edition m1014s, there has only been 1 model skelestock produced.


She also confirmed that the 4 port low recoil barrels have been smelted and are dead.


And finally (DRUMROLE) She unfortunately confirmed that the skelestocks are definately for law enforcement only as of now.


This is legit from a supervisor.


End :)

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I think there must have been a miscomunication to the CS people that the gun itself was no longer for civilians as opposed to just the stocks.


I had trouble believeing that the M4 would not be sold anymore. That would have been a terrible buisness decision.


If you are going to call Benelli, ask the CS person for their supervisor. Thats the only real way to get good info. Go higher up, **** ask fro somebody in national sales or whatever. Im not listeneing to the regula CS folks anymore.

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