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POA is off!


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Anyone have a new Benelli Shotgun with the POI not close? I got mine for Christmas, and it seems as though the POI is low and right by about 8 inches both directions. Any advice? I don't want to have to send it back before Turkey season.





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SuperNova, I was thinking about getting a Red dot for it but I used the gun for ducks as well. If I get it drilled and tapped I wonder how that will work out come duck season and I want to take the scope off?


I think you should read manual a tad more, and learn the correct way to pattern a shotgun first! by adjusting the stock with the adjustable shims you will achieve the POI you can live with by getting your pattern board,stcik pin, 15" string, cardboard works good or construction papper and draw a small circle ya can see from 30 to 40 yards and make that your POA then repeatidly do this till you get your POI as close to the center by measuring your pattern by using stick pin in center of POA and draw 30" circle with stick pin and pencil and see which has the best pattern! wikipedia probably has better explanation but ya gotta adjust your stock as you are doing the patterning! Pay close attention when removing and replacing shims by reading manual as ya do it and ya should be good to go in no time!! as far as the red dot ya gonna have to sight it in also and just put some smaller length cap screws in the place of the scope mount screws which would probably be a tad too long without scope installed! PS low in both directions is operater error!!

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