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S.B.E. II Choke Help


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O.K. I finally did it. An S.B.E. II w/ 26 " barrel. Turkey season is half over here and I need help with chokes. I read Mudhen's post and saw the pictures with 51 hits in the center circle. I couldn't find a jellyhead choke anywhere today. Found a Briley that says it fits all Berettas and Benellis. I thought that the crio barrels took a special choke. Is there anything I need to know before getting a choke for this gun? Please advise.


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That Briley choke you mentioned is almost certainly for an SBE 1. It will not work in your gun. You need to be sure that the distance from the beginning of the threaded section to the inward, breech end of the choke is the same distance as your factory chokes that came with your gun.


Most of the after market chokes for the SBE II, will say somewhere on the label that they fit Benelli "Crio" barrels.

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