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M4 Factory +2 extension installation and removal


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Hey all, this is a question for any of you out there that own a factory +2 extension for the M4. When you replace the cheesy black dummy plug on the end of your tube with the factory +2 extension, can you then slide the barrel right into place? I was not sure if the neck bulge on the factory +2 extension allows the barrel ring to slide over it or if you have to put the barrel on first, and then slide the extension into place.


Some of the aftermarket extensions require you to remove the extension in order to completely remove the barrel since the barrel ring won't slide over the extension neck. This seems a bit back-assward and I wanted to check with those with a factory +2 to see if this is the case with it too.


Thanks for any help in clarifying the ease of getting the barrel on and off with factory extensions.


Shane Bernskoetter


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I don't have the + 2 ext. but it is the same dimensions as the limiter tube and if yours is a factory +2 ext. you can simply remove the barrel swap the two out and reinstall the barrel. Its that easy. The neck bulge will be behind the barrel ring and does not cause a problem. It will fit just the same as the limiter.

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I own one of the steel NoDak Spud tubes. Although the limiter allows you to pull the barrel off while mounted, the NoDak Spud tube requires removal of the tube before you can remove the barrel.


I called the guy selling them to ask about this and he referred me to the guy that made them. The maker got the neck diameter dimension by measuring 6 limiter tubes he could get ahold of, and they are all made to the same specification. I'm not sure why, but the limiters he got ahold of and the limiter I own differ by 0.015" in diameter at the neck. His part has a larger outside diameter than my limiter. This 15 thousandths oversize in his part is enough to NOT allow the barrel to be installed when the NoDak Spud tube is on.


The tube is very well made and well finished, it just has the unfortunate requirement of removing the tube before you can get the barrel off.


Shane A. Bernskoetter

Author of:

Surviving Twilight: A Soldier's Chronicle of Daily Life in Iraq


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