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How About Some Manuals?


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While there are a few owner's manuals now on the Benelli site, there are still no parts manuals.


Franchi, Uberti, and Stoeger manuals are still "coming soon", just as they've been for the last three years.


C'mon Benelli, et al.

It can't possibly be that hard to PDF these things and get 'em uploaded!


Either remove the "coming soon" BS teaser or get the darned things posted!


/rant off

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I'm very much aware that the parts manuals are available on the Italian site.

I have linked to them many times trying to help other members who couldn't find them.


The point of this post was to draw attention to the fact that they are not on the BenelliUSA site and that no manuals are available for any of the other brands.

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