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Ready for waterfowl season already


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I too am seeing a lot of duck and geese all paired up. I took the kids to the sanctuary and saw lots of geese on nests with eggs, the get pretty crabby if you get too close.


On the bay where I hunt a do some retriever work with my dog there must be thousands of ducks and lots of swans too. When my dummy launcher cracks off the sky litterally turns dark with all the birds getting up a few hundred yards away. Pretty awesome.

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I can't wait. I bought a black Nova yesterday evening. It was the cheapest weapon I could find that would cycle 3.5 magnums. My 870 Supermag did not have the chamber adequately polished and the 3.5's were hanging up until they cooled. I did not want to spend the extra $100.00 for a Super Nova and you would understand if you hunted with me.


I call in a 116 year old duck club and between that, handling an high-strung black lab and setting decoys, my shotgun has a tendency to get muddy.


When I was younger, I could not afford semi-autos and had to buy pump shotguns. Now, I don't like shooting anything but a pump. They can be abused and still keep shucking.


Besides this I have my main duck call tuned and outfitted with a new cork and reed. I still need to overhaul my back up call. I cleaned the mud out of my 6-N-1 whistle last weekend and I continue to work the Lab as time allows.


We have been getting tons of water in North Texas and I also hope to make a trip or two back to my Native Arkansas to wade in the flooded timber.


Soon I will be replenishing my cache of " Cigars " (3-1/2" Magnum Steel Shot).

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