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I don't have exact numbers for you, but I have heard the SX2 is slightly faster than the SBE when it comes to cycling another shell into the chamber. How much faster, well, probably not much. Benelli's claim is that the SBE II is the fastest recovering shotgun, meaning you'll be able to get accurate shots off faster than someone with a competitor's gun. Because of the comfortech system and thus less barrel jump, you can get back on target faster.


To those that think their SX2 is faster...let them think that. It actuality, it is. What matters though is how fast you can get back on the bird you're shooting at. You'll be able to do that better with the SBE. You'll be the last one laughing when they're cleaning out their gas ports in the duck blind after an afternoon of duck hunting and mis-cycled shells.

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I love this issue smile.gif


Plain and simple, the SX2's best rate is .102, and someone is working on .099.


The generally accepted best rate before a Benelli malfunctions is .13. Any faster and the hammer is following the bolt and cannot strike the firing pin.


Some say the key to the Benelli being better is that the inertia system tends to reduce muzzle lift and therefore allow the shooter to remain on target without having to realign after each shot. From my experience with Benellis, that is a completely accurate statement. No gun I have ever owned is as smooth and level as a Benelli. A Benelli will always be my primary hunting tool for that reason.


However, a well balanced gas gun can achieve the same results. Anyone shooting the Xtrema or Xtrema II can tell you the gun is heavy enough to maintain a fairly smooth swing, especially with the longer barrels.


Winchester's new SX3 gas guns have been modified to reduce lift - I'll find out in March when my SX3 arrives!


Another benefit to gas guns like the SX2/3, Golds, and many Berettas is that they are backbored and/or overbored. Many non-toxic shots and larger sized shots pattern better in a larger bore.


Gas guns also offer benefits to those with medical problems as they tend to offer less recoil.


And the comments about gas guns malfunctioning in the duck blind are lame. I've gone 1000's of rounds in gas guns with no need to break a gun down in the duck blind and clean the gas ports :rolleyes:


Yes, everyone should own a Benelli, several at that, but don't let anyone fool you into thinking there are not some super gas guns out there.


mudhen - CA

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As I mentioned elsewhere in the forum, I just bought a new SBE I about three days ago. I have not had a chance to shoot it yet. I am really excited about it.


I also have a Beretta 303 gas gun that I bought about 15 years ago. I have used it for upland birds and mostly waterfowl shooting. I am not sure what it's exact cycling speed is but it is pretty **** quick. I have had excellent reliability with this Beretta. Never had to clean it in the field. I plan to keep the 303 for many years and will continue to use it occaisonally, but the SBE will be my new primary weapon. "The torch has been passed"!

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My comment about cleaning a gun in the duck blind was more figurative than factual...settle down.


My dad has used a Remington 1100 20 gauge for years without issue. I was just trying to give the guy some "ammo" against those who think gas guns reign superior in all areas.


Benelli: performance worth the price.



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