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How much would YOU pay for a Benelli 14" M4 entry barrel?


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I've been searching high and low for a Benelli M4 entry barrel in the 14" configuration and have been skunked at every turn. I asked Benelli how I can order them and they told me to go through a Berretta Defense LE dealer. I called about 60% of the dealers listed on the LE contacts website and came up with a big fat ZERO. Every one of them said that they couldn't order the barrel by itself, only the whole shotgun. I then asked about ordering the entry shotgun and requested availability quotes. Invariably, the dealers all came back and said the entry shotgun had an estimated arrival date of somewhere between two days from Noneday to three weeks after the first blue moon of the 4th millenium.


Here my poor 11707 sits as a Form 1 short barreled shotgun and I can't for the life of me get ahold of the short barrel!


I've been running down some leads to have a smith work my barrel down, and may have some luck there.


I've found the factory 18.5" barrel for as low as $465. I think I'd be willing to pay $800 for a 14" barrel if one could be found.


Anybody have any other luck running one of these barrels or entry guns down? I called MrMilitaryPolice's contact with an entry gun for sale last month but the guy right ahead of me on the phone claimed it. Doh!


What would you pay for a 14" barrel?



Shane Bernskoetter

Surviving Twilight: A Soldier's Chronicle of Daily Life in Iraq


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i hate that you missed out on that gun i told you about. i had just spoken to the buyer a lil while before i spoke with you and he called and snatched it up. Ive had a cpl other guys email me and ive called the FFL about more entry guns and havent been able to get into contact with him as of late..Im planning a trip back down to his shop when i can get in contact again and il ask and see what hes got goin..count on prob buyin the entire gun tho instead of a barrel only..ill keep checking for ya!

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