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R1 30-06 Problem


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I noticed after 40 rounds in mine that puting the red dots together didn't seem to be the same place it was when I first experimented with dissasembly. This is one of the questions I asked CS Via their contact engine and never got a response. Is this going to continue to loosen such that I may need to go two clicks beyond. I already cannot shoot mine very accurately. How do I know and is there any company acknowledgement of the issue. One click past red dot seems right at this pont but two might be as well :( :confused: :(

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I Spoke to CS about this and they no nothing about it. I'm not sure they even read this forum. :( when you do it by feel do you take it down to contact and then another click. That seems to be about where it was new, for me. CS instisted that there would be no problem just aligning the dots. Thanks for mentioning.


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I try to maintain as much torque on it as there was when it was new. If you put 40 rounds throught it, there's no way that aligning the dots will maintain this torque.


I fired mine and the more I fired, the wider the groups were getting. I read phenom101's post about the torque and tightened mine. There was an immediate improvement in the groups.


Mine has had maybe 100 rounds through it and it's now set at three clicks past the marks.


CS should read the forums. Maybe they'd learn something. :rolleyes:


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