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Layout Boat Project


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A budy and I are making two at the same time. Right now we have the body of the boat made and now we are ready to finish the frame of the cockpit and then the transom. Once that's done we epoxy the entire thing, then fiberglass with epoxy, then another coat of epoxy.


Then the finishing touch up work with paint and what not.


Hopefully it works...We'll see. It will be an expensive waste of time if it does not...

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You should be able to click on the picture and expand it.


Yeah, that boat is pretty fancy. I already have another boat that I've put lots of time and money into as well. Its a 16' Grizzly Tracker with all the bells and whistles. This new one should serve me well as long as it does not leak....

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Looks good so far, keep us posted. I bought an old wooden duck skiff at a garage sale for like $15.00, it was getting rotten so asked a friend to glass/epoxy it and wow turned out nice. Only problem was the weight, so heavy but boyant and stable on the water. Sold it some years later to a guy who adapted a motor to it, plus made a trailer.


When your finished show us the final product. Good start.

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I am.

But when they run you out of the spot you've been hunting for over 20 years, build a dam on the access creek, and tear down your blinds with chinsaws and four-wheelers, there becomes a time when a man must admit defeat and either become a martyr or a member of the new order. :o

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I feel fortunate that I dont have to deal with any of that at this time, a good friend owns 40 acres of water front on the West shore of Green Bay. Its all cat tail and fragmitte right up to the water, great duck hunting with lots of local ducks early and Canadian migrators later in November. There is no decent public access to the water, so its our own little piece of paradise - invites only.

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Found out a little bit more about it.


This was quickest, cheapest, easiest spot for them to to what was needed to keep the government happy.


Quoting the local paper - "For less than $200,000, some of the funding coming from government grants, Dominion Power was able to meet a natural habitat requirement of its re-licensing agreement with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. And, without much intervention aside from the occasional draining of the property - or flooding if necessary - this newly dried grassland should attract the intended waterfowl during migratory seasons."


Sorry about the hijack, webfoot.


Please post more pics!!

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No worries...


I'm afraid I don't have any new pics. I have not had much time to work on it lately.


Looked a little closer on my transom the other day.. Yeah, its got a three in crack along a knot in the wood. So I have to take that off and cut a new one.. Good Times!!!

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