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Cordoba scope mount


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I have a 12 ga. Cordoba and would like to use it for a turkey hunting trip. I can use a rifle in the Fall, so I will only be using it one day a year in the Spring. I don't see the need for a totally new gun for one day a year, and since I hunt out of a blind, I'm not too worried about the 28" barrel.


Does anybody know of a scope mount (sort of like B-Square) that would fit? Anything for the SuperSport or Raffaello should work too.

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If your reciever is not pre-tapped ya will have to go to a side saddle mount cause? Benelli would be the only person i would let drill on that nice a shoutgun! I think they will do it at a reasonable price? call C/S if it's not allready drilled!!:D

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I doubt seriously that you'll find a saddle mount to fit that gun.

How wide is the rib on your gun?


B-Square makes a Universal Cantilever Mount that fits ribs up to 3/8" wide.

The cantilever design puts the scope back over the receiver.


Here's a better view.



Here's one for ribs over 3/8" wide.


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