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which gun for waterfowling


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I ahve a benelli Super sport Smooth fast a pleasure to shoot .

Lots of round no issues.

Gun was $1300 so it won't go waterfowling with mw.

I loesemi auto over a pump.

Have an 870 express well built clunky remington.

Never an issue..


Right know I am considering the Stoeger m2000 semi or a Super nove

both 12g in 28-30 inch.


I have read the threadds on the stoeger.

Are the issues fixed or are many of these from not prperly breaking in the Inertia driven system????

Any thoughts

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If it's down to a choice between the Stoeger M2000 or Benelli Super Nova, I'd go for the Super Nova.

No doubt. No question. No hesitation.


If I wanted a good semi-auto for duck hunting, but didn't want to spend $1,200, I'd go for the Berretta 390 for around $550.

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Hey, over here in new zealand the m2000 has a following with novice shooters.Most the people ive talked to with one of these say that they wish they had bought something for a little more money and quality.Pesonally i think they are a cheap semi auto trying to live off the benelli name by using similair components.My advice buy a beretta entry level semi auto.If moneys no prob then the skys the limit.:)

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I'm a relatively novice waterfowl hunter and I love my Super Nova. It works great in the field, and the pump is absolutely no big deal. I don't think I'm missing many doubles because I have to pump the gun.


Heck, it works pretty well at the clays course too, even though people look at me funny for using my camo pump there.

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use the ss nothing wrong with useing what works for you


i mean you could spend 1700 on a sbe2 (a real waterfowl gun) or beretta exstrema 2 for around 1500 thoes be list price. i've seen them both for a lot less even seen the ss for less then 1k. but not a issue.


i use a stoeger sxs i got for 299 my bro uses a mossy 935 so really if it shoots steel and kills it dont matter.

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I'd get the stoeger 2000 if you not going to use your more pricey gun out in the field. I think the benelli is over priced and as for the nova, Why not get the stoeger P-350. Cheaper and nicer, I have a brother-in-law that has a nova and he kept haveing loading problems when we did some sporting clays. enough problems to make me not want or even think of a benelli now.

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