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Nova for doves??


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they usually fly pretty high around here.. I would sure like to have an automatic for the clean up shots, I think i could take 2 or 3 from a flock that I just get one from with a pump. About all of the automatics are so high, I'd hate to dish out that much just to use it in dove hunting. I guess i just need to start pumping faster.

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When I was fourteen, I dove hunted with a single barrel 20 ga.

I kept the second round in my teeth and I got several doubles.


When I was 15, I got my first 870.

I won several bets by ripping three rounds through her faster than my buddies could do with there semi-auto Remingtons.


Besides, the limit's just 12, right?

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Practice trap and skeet doubles, that will teach you how to make those doubles happen. When I shot my 870 pump alot the process of pumping in a new round become an almost unconsious reaction and remember keep swinging.




When I switched to my SBEII, after over 20 years of pumping, I nearly ripped the forearm off the thing after the first shot :o

Finally got re-trained.

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