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SBEII Protection


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To be honest, I think the formula is very close to the same thing as Breakfree.


I also use it on the synthetics. The effect is similar to Armour All, but not as shiny or slippery.

Apply liberally and let it soak in, then buff it down with a clean lint-free cloth.


It takes out the light spots caused by mud and dirt.


I cleaned a friend's SBEI for a couple of years ago and he thought I'd replaced the plastics :cool:

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hi mudhen,

I too use breakfree CLP, and have a large bottle of the military version. I was wondering if you, or anyone else, have used militech-1 compared with Breakfree, since I have read posts on militech before (but can't find it anymore). Just wondering what other options there are since some guy on the Brownell's site has an article comparing various protectants, and breakfree didn't do particularly well in his test, but always seemed to do well by me. Thanks

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Great report for me because I use 5" plates of steel while hunting :)


I have used Breakfree CLP to clean and protect guns for many years with no rust problems.


But everyone should feel free to smear their guns with cosmoline and/or the 40th verison of some guy's water displacer....

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