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I heared about a couple of guys who went up there last year in the great north and just used the guides guns to skip all the hoopla at the border and they said none of the guns had plugs , it apears that they are more tight on the big game hunters would not do me much good though I can miss with 5 just as easy as three the real benifactor is the shotshell company, ha !

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Actually, there have been many replies from folks that hunt with Jeff Foiles. They report that he has been holding a 4th shell in his right hand for most of his life.


I think there was enough reasonable doubt so that most folks just dropped it. Also, apparently he has done this in videos before.


The owner of 'The Refuge Forums' removed all the posts about this issue.


This whole thing is probably a big hullabaloo about nothing :(


But I bet he stops doing this on his videos :D

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