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Nova vs. SuperNova


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As a newbie to shotguns I have a few questions:


When shooting 2 3/4' shells, does the regular Nova's butt pad sufficiently reduce recoil? How about for 3"? I probably won't be shooting too many 3 1/2" loads so I was wondering if the regular Nova will suffice for regular and magnum loads.


Also, has Benelli fixed the rattling forearm on the Nova? I hear that you can just tighten the screws on the forearm, but does this just reduce the rattle.. or does it eliminate it?

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When hunting in cooler weather with more clothing, you will be fine with a Nova and 2-3/4" or 3" fodder. In summer months, with just a shirt, 3" magnums sting me with a Nova. I won't even chance 3-1/2" Magnums anytime.


The length of pull is shorter on a Nova than with a Supernova. You can buy a shorter recoil pad for around $80.00 for the Nova which to me is a stupid way to spend money for a $299.00 shotgun (Mine is the black version)


I shortned my length of pull to around 14" by installing a Limbesaver slip on recoil pad but I have not shot it yet to see if it helps with recoil in any measurable way. I may try a 3.5 Magnum if it dampens the 3" magnum kick significantly.


As far as the rattling forearm, it did annoy me when I first picked one up but I do not notice it when using the weapon to shoot at something such as crows or clay pigeons. I really like the very short slide throw on the Nova. On the BPS and 870, you must reach.


I will say this, the 870 Supermagnum handles better than any pump I have owned. It does not kick with 3.5 magnums appreciably. If they could get their quality control program back up to premium standards, I would shoot the 870----there is nothing that handles or has that trigger pull in the cheapo price range.


I use the Nova for dependability reasons.

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Thanks for the informative reply OLTD2


If the Nova forearms rattles, and people seem to find it annoying enough to complain, why hasn't Benelli gone and fixed it like they did on the SuperNova? Isn't it just a matter of tightening the screws?


I thought the Nova and Supernova were identical in L.O.P. and all other physical features except for the stock and bigger trigger guard. So are you saying that for a smaller person like me (5'8"/ 146 lbs) that I would find the Nova more comfortable to shoulder? When I shouldered the Supernova, it felt like the grip and stock was indeed wider or bigger than the Nova.


And lastly, how does the Remington 870 Express Magnum compare to the Nova. I shouldered one a few days ago, and it felt narrower than the Nova.

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The difference in the Nova to the Supernova rattling issue is not the screws in the forend. The receiver and the forend on the Supernova have been redesigned in the area you can't see when the gun is fully assembled. The area where the forend overlaps the receiver when the forend is fully foreward has been beefed up. The forend has 4 small plastic pads on the inside and the receiver has a fitted contact pad on each side for the forend to come into contact with. Therefore, when the forend is locked foreward, there will be tension holding the forend in place keeping it from rattling while not hindering the pump action speed when loading or ejecting.

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I am not certain on the forearm. I hear rumors that you can tighten it with the right tool but it might make the slide harder to cycle. I thought it would annoy me as I said but when you use it, you do not notice it.


The Nova to me feels more narrow whether it is actually or not, I do not know. The LOP on the Nova is 14-1/4" and on the Supernova, LOP is 14-3/8". I am 5'-7", 175 lbs. I am big boned and lost 28 pounds this year. The Nova fits me better.


The 870 points better than the Nova to me. It is indeed more Narrow. However, the location of the slide at rest makes you have to stretch out further. I can keep my hand almost right below the receiver and still manipulate the slide. It makes it more comfortable to me on follow up shots.


870's Express Models are just not dependable anymore. I have had two and they were not trustworthy. The 3.5" Express Super Magnum would hang up on 3.5's and both of them had screwed up magazine followers meaning shells would get jammed on reloads.


The Nova wins because it works. I would much rather have a shotgun that feels pretty good and works than one that feels great and will not work.

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