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Is the new r1 more accurate


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I would agree with Tucker. After going through the entire barrel break-in process, and extensive cleaning after cleaning, about 2" was the best I could get the gun to shoot. I would also say that getting it to shoot that group over and over I never achieved. It should also be noted that Benelli guarantees the gun to shoot 2.5" groups at 100 yards.


I liked the gun's look, I liked the feel, I liked how it came up, and in a 300 WSM the recoil was great. I also wanted a gun that was more accurate, with an action that worked everytime. I just sold mine R1 back to Cabelas. I really wanted the gun to work out, but at least in my case, it didn't.

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I have had this thing to the range many times and can't complain about accuracy. I'm even new to rifles and I have shot 1" @ 100yds multiple times, not as often as I have shot 3" groups, but I have learned already, "luck" dont have much to do with shooting tight groups! Practice, learn the gun, and the ammo it uses best.....I've tried 8 differant brands in similiar weights, and am happy with what I got.......Remember that its still a semi auto, so obviously it wont be as accurate as a Bolt-action, but I can shoot 4 shots in a hurry before my buddy and his .270 short mag can get his second shot lined up and fired accurately!

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Hi Guys, Ive had my Argo for about 6 weeks, first thing i did was remove the barrel, shorten it and thread it for a suppressor, then i bead blasted the barrel and reciever and gunkoted it in a mix of OD green and Black, it came out real nice, Then i machined down that charging handle and replaced it with a rounder more military looking and argonomic,, err ergonomic one.

The rifle shoots around 1" 3 shot groups with the only load ive treid in it so far, which is Gecco ( RWS budget brand)

Its a 9.3x62.

I'm quite happy with it, I want to adapt an M2 butt stock to fit it,

Havent taken any ganme with it yet, but ive some driven boar hunts coming up in November so that should change soon,

regards Pete

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I completely agree with Rangerrookie, we have a 30-06 comfortech and it has so far been proven to be as accurate as I expected for a semi-auto, for me basic federal $15.00/box ammo 150gr. seems to be the most reliable, any of the higher end $30+ store bought ammo does not group as well as the $15 Federal. This gun was bought for a specific reason. It was bought for my father because it is much lighter than the M1 Garand he has hunted with for years, we put open sights on it, since he hates scopes, and it is used in the north woods of Minnesota where 75 yds. is about as far as we need to reach out. It is a great gun for driving through swamps or posting for that matter, where you need the ability to rip off some quick shots at moving deer and be accurate doing so. I don't think anyone will dispute the minimal recoil of these guns. I figure if I can hit a paper plate at 100yds. with open sights time after time, which we do with this gun, and the M1, it is a dead deer. After reading so many posts about this gun prior to purchasing it, and after, I just think some people bought it for the wrong reasons. Our's seems to be very accurate for a semi-auto, and is a joy to carry throught the woods. My dad did get a deer with it last season at about 70yds. Hopefully I will get my shot this year at a deer now that the M1 has passed down to me. We are very lucky to have a Winchester made M1 (barrel & receiver) which in my opinion the most accurate 30-06 semi-auto ever made. So if you want guaranteed accuracy check out the Springfield website, they are producing new M1's and M1A's, I particularily have my eye on the M1A scout squad chambered in .308, now I just need $1600.

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