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Nova Vs M2000


Nova Vs M2000  

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  1. 1. Nova Vs M2000

    • Benelli Nova
    • Stoeger 2000

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Not nice Tucker - but I did it too!


I'd go with the Nova I guess - kinda rattly for me - hard to pattern for super tight turkey shooting - but a super duck blind & goose field gun.


The 2000 just does nothing for me - Benelli bought Stoeger for legal reasons, not because they were envious of their quality.


At that price range, I'd buy a BPS before either of those guns if turkeys were involved - if just to knock around and shoot dux & gez, then I'd buy the Nova.


mudhen - CA

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I don't know - I don't live in Misery anymore (did my 15 years - I miss it but Cali has much better hunting). Maybe the BPS in St. Louie? Do you have a Gaylan's nearby? Denny Dennis' in Fenton? Look around!


3" BPS Hunter is $399 everywhere I go here in Cali - $419 at Sports Authority, not on sale.


3.5" Hunter BPS is closer to $500 - camo is more.


Watch for those rebate deals - I think one just expired though.


I see the 3" 2000 for $399 pretty regularly, so I used that as a price range.


I think new Novas are still around $350 in camo.


I see used Nova for $150 all over the place - pretty beat up though.


mudhen - CA

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