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collapsible stocks, help!


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Both the 11707 and the M1014 will allow the collapsible stock to be fixed to the weapon.


The 11707 will allow that collapsible stock to collapse though, wherease the M1014 will not - it will be fixed in the open position.


The recoil tube is the difference. The 11707 comes with a recoil tube with additional cuts in the tube to allow the collapsible stock to actually collapse. The M1014 has a smooth tube that will accept the collapsible stock, but will not allow it to collapse.


The stock that the M1014 comes with is the real deal collapsible stock, but the recoil tube is the lame-o limiting factor that prevents the stock from collapsing up to the shotgun body. Take that stock off your M1014 and put it on an 11707 and you are in business. I've run into the rumor many times that the collapsible stock that comes with the M1014 can't collapse even on an 11707. This is total bullarcky. I've purchased multiple M1014s specifically for parting out the collapsible stock when prices were insane earlier in the year. Having a nice assortment of M4's in multiple configurations now is just a side benefit. :)


I think there is a thread on this site talking about Numrich gun parts and how they sell a recoil tube with the cuts in it so you can switch tubes on the M1014 or other non collapsing M4 models to allow them to fully collapse the collapsible stock.

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