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Hi, I just bought my first shotgun, and SBE. Then I noticed that they have the SBEII. To those who have tried both, is there a significant diff between the two?


I am thinking of returning the other, though i may take a hit on price.

Thank you,


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The SBE is a heavier hitter with 3 1/2" loads. If recoil does not bother you, then do not worry about it. The recoil is significantly less with the SBE II. I am wondering if you can buy a SBE II stock and put it on the SBE, I have e-mail Benelli, but they have not responded. I have an older SBE, and after a few hours of shell wasting on ducks (3 1/2"), my shoulder gets sore.


[ 04-07-2004, 09:58 PM: Message edited by: shell waster ]

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I don't think the stocks are interchangeable. I remember seeing somewhere on their website the receiver has been changed on the SBEII.


If recoil bothers you, add the recoil reducer and a Simms Limbsaver to your SBE. I patterned many 3 1/2" shells last weekend with this setup and the recoil was negligible.

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